About me

 You’ve found me! Hi I’m Jackie. I am a lifestyle, fashion, and wedding photographer who resides in the CT/Greater New York City area.

A creative and precocious young girl growing up in Connecticut, art is all I’ve really ever known. I’ve worked in all mediums, and many industries while doing everything  from illustration and graphic design for clients, to digital color for major comic book companies such as Image, DC, and Marvel Comics.

One very hot summer in Chicago in 2005, I decided to buy a professional camera. Whoa. Talk about true love.

After a lot of hard work, and the help of a lot of amazing people—here I am over 10 years later.

I’ve been fortunate to be featured with Redken 5th Ave, Vogue Italia, and published in numerous magazines. My aesthetics in photography are cinematic, vibrant, and emotional.  It’s Art. I’m inspired by greats such as Annie Leibowitz, and modern masters of the craft such as Joey L & Lara Jade.

And on that note – Please allow me to spread that love of creating art with you.


"A photograph is a moment in the raw."


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